If anyone catches any mistakes, please let me know. We’re trying to get photos of everyone so we can all put names to faces… If you don’t have a photo, please let me know at a meeting and we’ll snap a picture of you at a meeting. If anyone wants to write up a little bio of themselves, that’d be peachy! Just e-mail it to the Membership Coordinator and we’ll get it on your page. 

Membership Dues can be mailed to:
American Legion, Wasmer Post #241
Attention ALR Membership
110 Plymouth Street SW
Le Mars, IA 51031

Constitution & By-Laws

John W. “Jack” Andela, Hawarden, IA

Harry E. Arrick, Primghar, IA

Kevin Arrick, Primghar, IA

Mike Arrick, Primghar, IA

Lloyd Barker, South Sioux City, NE

Kenneth C. Becker Sr., Le Mars, IA

Michael Becker, Le Mars, IA

John Bindner, Sioux City, IA

Brandi Bishop, Ireton, IA

James Bishop, Ireton, IA

Marlene Conner, Le Mars, IA

Robert D. Conner, Le Mars, IA

John “Rau” Damrau, Sioux City, IA

Bill Davis, Alton, IA

Val Davis, Alton, IA – In Memoriam

Gary DeLashmutt, Le Mars, IA

Laura DeLashmutt, Le Mars, IA

Arnold Dwire, Ashton, IA

Ric Even, Remsen, IA

Doug “Silverback” Fay, Sioux City, IA

Jean “Mama Jean” Fay, Sioux City, IA

Duane Ferrie, Le Mars, IA

Jeff Finken, Sioux City, IA

Tom Fischer, Le Mars, IA

Dr. Larry “Doc” Foster, Sioux City, IA

Marty Frost, Sioux City, IA

Tom Galles, Le Mars, IA

Don Gettner, Remsen, IA

Maureen Gettner, Remsen, IA

Rich “Seamus” Gettner, Sioux City, IA

Amy “Firecracker” Gettner, Sioux City, IA

Paul Grant, Le Mars, IA

Val Grant, Le Mars, IA

Mary Lou Guthridge, Moville, IA

Stu Guthridge, Moville, IA

Larry “Grumpy” Haitz, Le Mars, IA

Gary Handeland, Sibley, IA

Barb Hansen, Le Mars, IA

Jerry “Skunk” Hansen, San Tan Valley, AZ

Ken Hansen, Le Mars, IA

Marjorie Hansen, Le Mars, IA

Paul Hansen, Le Mars, IA

Doug Harms, Le Mars, IA

Brent Hartman,

Ronald “Stop Drop ‘n Roll” Harvey, Le Mars, IA

Brad Hassebroek, South Sioux City, NE

Hershel Hassebroek, Hinton, IA – In Memoriam

Wynand Hegeman, Orange City, IA

Bob “Bobbo” Helwig, In Memoriam

Stan Hendricks, Hawarden, IA

Mark Hentges, LeMars, IA

Larry Hoekstra, Orange City, IA

David “Rainman” Huls, Le Mars, IA

Daniel Hystad, Le Mars, IA

Everett Jackson, Merrill, IA

Susan Jackson, Merrill, IA

Mike Jensen, LeMars, IA

Robert Jones, Le Mars, IA

Richard Juhl, Le Mars, IA

Judy Kellen, Sioux City, IA

Patrick Kenaley, Le Mars, IA

Evelyn Kendall, Le Mars, IA

James KendallIn Memoriam

Michelle Kesby, Sioux City, IA

Tom Kesby, Sioux City, IA

Joyce Kieft, Orange City, IA

Gary Konz, Le Mars, IA

Glenn Kunkel, Remsen, IA

Janet Kumm, Dakota Dunes, SD

Mike Kumm, Dakota Dunes, SD

Bill Lange, LeMars, IA

Ted “Teddy Bear” Loucks, Orange City, IA

Richard Ludeke, Sheldon, IA

Randall “Snowman” Luschen, Merrill, IA

Mike Macklem, Le Mars, IA

Greg Majerus, Sioux Center, IA

Patty Majerus, Sioux Center, IA

Kim Malcom, Sioux Center, IA in Memoriam

John Milroy, Hawarden, IA

Richard Milne, LeMars, IA

Lorne “Doggone” Morey, Akron, IA

Mike “Maddog” Muir, Sioux City, IA

Ron Nicolls, Sioux City, IA

Dennis Nutt, South Sioux City, NE

Jamie Nutt, South Sioux City, NE

Arthur Otto, Kingsley, IA

Karen Paulsen, Le Mars, IA

Larry Plueger, Merrill, IA

Linda Popken, Akron, IA

Ron Popken, Akron, IA

Bob Rohrs, Orange City, IA

Larry “Pluto” Rolfes, Le Mars, IA in Memoriam

David “Tailgunner” Rollinger (a.k.a. Pappa Piggy), Le Mars, IA

Gene “Doodle” Salmon, Sioux City, IA

Kathy “Kat” Salmon, Sioux City, IA

Larry “Grandpa” Salmon, Sioux City, IA

Tracy Salmon, Sioux City, IA

Gary “Griz” Schiltz, Craig, IA – In Memoriam

Robert “Bert” Schiltz, Le Mars, IA

Steve “Rambo” Schilmoeller, LeMars, IA

Mike Schmith, South Sioux City, NE

George O. Spain, Jr. in Memoriam

Kim Spain, Sioux City, IA

John Steven, Alton, IA

Linda Steven, Alton, IA

Wayne “Spook” Thieman, Le Mars, IA

Marie Thomas, Sioux City, IA

Elwin “Topper” Top, Orange City, IA

John “Jack” Tschampel, Le Mars, IA

Aron Underwood, Hawarden, IA

Dave “Beeker” Van Beek, Sioux Center, IA

Gary Van Kalsbeek, Orange City, IA

Allen Van Noort, Hawarden, IA

Jeremy Van Noort, Hawarden, IA

Paul Van Noort, Hawarden, IA

Kenneth Vander Plas, Hawarden, IA

Donald Vander Well, West Des Moines, IA

Derek VandeSlunt, Hawarden, IA

Roderick Walker, Le Mars, IA

Jory Ward, Sgt. Bluff, IA

Karin Ward, Sgt. Bluff, IA

Al Willett, Alton, IA

Kelli Willett, Sioux Center, IA

Linda Willett, Alton, IA

Kim “Squid” Wiltman, Le Mars, IA

Ed Yagel, Hinton, IA

Marlo “Doc” Zeutenhorst, Sioux Center, IA