All Summer Poker Run

The Northwest Iowa American Legion Riders depends upon its sponsors for operating capital. In an effort to repay our sponsors for their generosity, the ALR holds an All-Summer Poker Run, with all the stops being sponsors who agree to the program. Some sponsors don’t wish to participate as they’re not service oriented, and other sponsors may not be on the list simply because they just began sponsoring the ALR recently. We very much encourage our members to check out our sponsors’ services when they’re in the market.

The rules are listed below. If any member of the ALR wants to purchase a ticket, please contact Brian Hall.

Northwest Iowa ALR All Summer Poker Run

The Rules

The All Summer Poker Run is for Northwest Iowa American Legion Rider members only.

You must visit at least 20 sponsors and have them initial your form to receive a five-card hand. If you visit all the sponsors listed on the form you get an extra card.

You must turn in cards by October meeting.

You can have as many cards as you want, but you must finish one before purchasing the next.

Ten dollars per card.

Best hand wins half of card sales.